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List of Protagonists

Below is the list of all of the protagonists of the campaign:

Team Titles and Honors

The heroes as a team can be recognized by these names and deeds.

Kylee's Crew

Heroes of Fairhaven

Barren Cliffs Liberators

Achievements Unlocked

The heroes unlocked the following achievements

  • Smol - over half the party are little folk
  • In the Navy - participated in a naval battle
  • Artifact Smugglers - smuggled magical artifacts
  • Giant Slayers - defeated a giant
  • Troll Collector - harvested trolls for magical reagents
  • Firestarters - caused a brewery fire
  • Mouse Guard - fought a cat as mice
  • Syndicate Crashers - instrumental in the collapse of the Fairhaven syndicate
  • Accidental Nemesis - elevated minor NPC to big bad status
  • Blood Donors - donated blood to a friendly vampire
  • Harry Potter - sent a boy wizard to magic school
  • Planewalkers - explored different planes
  • Thespians - performed a play on stage
  • Dorf Fortress - explored an ancient Dwarf Fortress
  • Indiana Jones - giant stone ball
  • Casper - befriended a ghost child
  • Horseplay - summoned a steed in a tight dungeon corridor
  • Force of Nature - collapsed a mountain
  • See You Next Fall - searched for scroll of slow fall while falling
  • Tomb Raiders - explored an ancient tomb
  • Wyrm Slayers - slain an ancient wyrm
  • Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal - betrayed by former quest giver
  • Fairytale Cliche - rescued a princess
  • Disarmed by Plot - got gear confiscated during a "cut-scene"
  • Faust - made a deal with a devil
  • Frenemies - befriended former enemy
  • Sportsball - played a sport
  • Packaged Package - regrew a troll from a dismembered penis inside a chest
  • Moist Trollmeat - defeated rapidly regenerating troll
  • Do a Barrel Roll - did a barrel roll (using a vehicle or war beast)
  • Bug Off - defeated a huge bug
  • Crowley - invisible hell hounds
  • Devo - defeated a whipper
  • Mr. Garrison - defeated a garrison commander
  • Prison Break - successfully broke out of prison
  • Sewer Surprise - accidentally teleported into raw sewage
  • Pls Nerf - encountered most broken creature in the bestiary
  • That Was Close - 8 hp away from TPK
  • Murder Hobo - murdered a hobo
  • In da Hause - chilled with the deep folk
  • Tomb of Horrors - triggered all the traps
  • Disarmed - someone lost an arm
  • Running on Fumes - no heals, no healing surges, no potions, no fucks given
  • Wedding Crashers - crashed a wedding
  • Super Mario - rescuing same princess over and over
  • White Wolf - ancient vampire plots and schemes
  • Up - obtained an airship
  • TSA - kicked NPC off an airship
  • Landed - obtained aristocratic titles and land in Westmarch