Red Sun Slave Brand

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Emirates Slave Brand

Red Sun Slave Brand is a symbol used in the Emirates for branding living slaves belonging to the state.

While the Emirates mostly use undead labor as part of their their system of "Public Service", the nation does have legal slavery. Living slaves are usually branded with the sigil of the house that owns them, or the Red Sun to denote they are public property owned by the state. Living slaves are usually used for jobs that can't be done by the simple minded undead servants.

Slavery in Koda saw resurgence after the Siege of Fairhaven when refugees from Drakefel migrated to South Reach. Most Westmarch refugees have been interned in refugee camps such as Barren Cliffs Refugee Camp but others have been sold or traded on the open market.

It is unknown how many denizens of Westmarch still remain enslaved within the Emirates.