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Zoryy Feathermoon

Basic Info

Zoryy Feathermoon
Personal Information

Full Name: Zoryy Feathermoon
Nickname: -
Known Aliases: -
Class: Druid
Background: Sage
Race: Elf
Alignment: Good

Hair Color: red
Eye Color: unknown
Distinguishing Features: none

Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Birthsign: unknown
Patron Deity: Druidic Faith

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Character Backstory

Zoryy is aloof, and guarded and has revealed very little about her past to her companions. It is known that she hails from an Elven tribe from the Great Grasslands and that she possess considerable druidic powers. While other Protagonists seek money or glory, Zoryy seems to be uninterested in such things. It is not yet known why she decided to embark on this mission, but Harlan Underford has at least six preposterous theories, each one more outlandish than the other.

Zoryy can be frequently seen talking to plants and animals. In her spare time, she likes to upkeep her Moon Beam.


Family, Allies and Contacts

Treeodore, her treant familiar.

Items and Treasure

She has a ruby that was previously one of the Garden Gnome's eyes.

She found a Magical Sickle near the obelisk, which was later imbued by Arielle into the Glaive of Sylvannus with the ability to transform between a sickle and glaive.

She holds on to Samuel's Scroll

New Abilities

Samuel Summers and Bruce taught her how to summon her familiar, Treeodore.

After the encounter with Broblin she is potentially able to wildshift in a worg.


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