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Please use this template when posting stat blocks for creatures.

Usage Example:

Copy and paste the example below, and modify the values. Remember that each line/section must end with a pipe character "|". Some sections are optional and can be skipped.

name= full name |
nickname= short nickname (optional)|
alias= list of known aliases (optional)
class= class and sublcass (optional)|
background= character background (optional)|
race= race and subrace (optional)|
alignment= defaults to unaligned (optional)|
hair= hair color (optional)|
eyes= eye color (optional)|
features= distinguishing features (optional)|
birthday= date of birth (optional)|
birthplace= place of birth (optional)|
sign= birth sign (optional)|
religion=  patron god(s) (optional)|

Personal Information

Full Name: {{{name}}}
Nickname: -
Known Aliases: -
Class: none
Background: unknown
Race: Human
Alignment: unaligned

Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Distinguishing Features: none

Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Birthsign: unknown
Patron Deity: none

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