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Please use this template when posting stats for poisons. For other potions and salves use Template:Gear.

Usage Example:

Copy and paste the example below, and modify the values. Remember that each line/section must end with a pipe character "|". Some sections are optional and can be skipped.

name= Name of the Poison |
type= poison type, eg injury, contact, etc.. |
damagetype= type of damage if any, usually poison (optional - defaults to none) |
damage= damage roll if any (optional)|
save= type of save to resist (optional - defaults to Constitutuion)|
dc= difficulty for the save, if any (optional)|
special= Special Rule Text|


Poison Type: {{{type}}}
Damage Type: none
Damage: -
Save: Constitution
DC: -


Information published with permission, as per SRD 5.1
see Will of the Seven Campaign:Copyrights