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Please use this template when posting stats for spells.

Usage Example:

Copy and paste the example below, and modify the values. Remember that each line/section must end with a pipe character "|". Some sections are optional and can be skipped.

         name=         name of the spell |
         school=       spell school |
         level=        spell level |
         range=        spell range in feet |   
         duration=     spell duration |
         casttime=         casting time |
         components=   spell components |
         damage=       damage (optional, default none) |
         damagetype=   damage type (optional, default none) |
         special=      rule text (optional)|


School: {{{school}}}
Level: {{{level}}}
Range: {{{range}}}
Cast Time: {{{casttime}}}
Duration: {{{duration}}}
Components: {{{components}}}
Damage: none
Damage Type: none

no additional special rules

Information published with permission, as per SRD 5.1
see Will of the Seven Campaign:Copyrights