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Please use this template when posting stat blocks for creatures.

Usage Example:

Copy and paste the example below, and modify the values. Remember that each line/section must end with a pipe character "|". Some sections are optional and can be skipped.

name= Name of your Creature |
type= Type, eg. Goblin|
alignment= Good, Evil, etc.. (optional)
ac= Armor Class|
hp= Hit Points|
speed= Speed, eg 30ft|
str= 9(+0)|
dex= 9(+0)|
con= 9(+0)|
int= 9(+0)|
wis= 9(+0)|
cha= 9(+0)|
vulnerability= fire, radiant, etc.. (optional)|
resistance= piercing, slashing, etc.. (optional)|
skills= List of skills and modifiers, eg Perception +4 (optional)|
senses= Darkvision and etc.. If none, list passive Perception.|
languages= Common, Orcish, etc.. (optional)|
challenge= Challenge Rating, eg 0 (10XP). (optional)|
special= '''Some Special Rule:''' Rule Text (optional)|
actions= '''Attack Name:''' attack description.}}

{{{type}}}, unaligned

Armor Class: {{{ac}}}
Hit Points: {{{hp}}}
Speed: {{{speed}}}
Size: Medium

STR       DEX       CON       INT       WIS       CHA      
{{{str}}} {{{dex}}} {{{con}}} {{{int}}} {{{wis}}} {{{cha}}}

Damage Vulnerability: -
Damage Resistance: -
Damage Immunity: -
Skills: -
Senses: {{{senses}}}
Languages: none
Challenge: 0

no special rules



Stat block published with permission, as per SRD 5.1
see Will of the Seven Campaign:Copyrights