Auburn Park

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Auburn Park

Aburn Park is one of the most picturesque districts of the city of Fynwell.

It is expensive, prestigious and sparsely populated compared to the rest of the city. Almost entirety of the district lies within what was once known as Bentley Forest, but is now nothing more than man made park. Gone is the original wildlife, replaced with villas, fountains gardens and plazas rich nobles mingle together.

It was once considered to be one of the most prestigious districts to live in, but as of late the inhabitants of the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Ward have been letting the forest to grow wild again. Some even say they have been magically inducing the trees to grow in and out of buildings, and erecting new tree houses after the Elven style. That part has a bit of an enchanted forest vibe and has drawn many Elf migrants as well as worshipers of nature based gods who erect their shrines and communes there. Locals have begun to call these wards Wildside, treating it as a region distinct and independent of the haughty first four Wards of Auburn Park.

The nobles who own property in the low numbered Wards of Auburn Park dislike this development very much, and are pushing for redistricting. They would like the Wildside to become its own independent district. The feeling on the Wildside is mutual, but so far the House of Lords have been blocking the vote for some unknown reason.