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Will of the Seven Game Play

Welcome to the campaign notes wiki page. This is the primary knowledge base, and notes compendium for the critically acclaimed (by at least half of a critic) Will of the Seven campaign run by the NJ Tabletop Friends gaming group.

You might have seen our setup in this reddit thread.

The campaign uses D&D 5e rules, and takes place a custom setting, on a world commonly known as Eoran.

The current in-game year is 9,748 of the Common Calendar. See History of Eoran for important dates and events.

Setting Information

Below you can find basic information about the protagonists, setting, non player characters and more. Use this as a quick reference, or a starting point to familiarize yourself with the setting, the heroes and the villains. Recommended reading for new and prospective players.

The Story

Map of Eoran

In this section you can find a summary of events that happened during the game so far.

Main Campaign

The main campaign features an epic, world changing story that takes heroes from the busy and bustling city state of Fynwell located in the Arcadian mainland, to the picturesque Kingdom of Westmarch, desolate steppes of Silver Kharnate in the island continent of Drakefel and beyond, to the Emirates of South Reach and the sun baked cliffs of Koda, uncovering ancient secrets and evil conspiracies.

Fulcrum Episodes

Fulcrum is a sub-campaign that is played on and off during breaks in the main campaign. It is set in Fynwell and revolves around adventures of a group of Fulcrum agents who investigate supernatural threats to the city.

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