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Arcadia is a huge continent east of Zorandon Isle. It is composed of two larger land masses known as North and South Arcadia respectively. They're connected via a land bridge.

North Arcadia

North Arcadia is temperate, but on the warmer side even in it's Northmost regions. It is a land of lush forests, wide rivers and green meadows.

Below are the prominent nations located in North Arcadia:

South Arcadia

South Arcadia is arid and dry and contain vast desert expanses and desolate unforgiving Myraton Mountains. The land east of the mountains is divided in half by the Istmer river. The people who have traditionally settled on its banks are known as the Istmerite people.

North of Istmer is the Ashpyre Desert, home of the Free Folk. To the South of Istmer lies Vast Wasteland which stretches all the way down to the Splinter Coast. In recent years the southern tribes have united into a patchwork nation commonly refereed to as Vast Kingdom, Vast Empire or simply Vast.

Below are the prominent nations located in South Arcadia: