Assassin’s Guild (Fynwell)

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The Assasin's Guild is Fynwell's criminal organization of contract killers.

It's main function is to provide a network of informants, dead drops and go-betweens who can connect potential clients with hired killers in a manner that is safe for both parties. The guild operates in total secrecy, and clients and assassins almost never talk face to face. Similarly, most contract killers only know few other members, but have little to no idea of the guild's structure or leadership.

The guild operates under the purview of the Shadow Council. It is exempt from the non-interference, and non-aggression pacts between the member organizations, but only when it is part of an official contract. It's assassins are allowed to target members of other Shadow Council groups, but only when specifically hired to do so by a third party. When the guild itself wants to retaliate against another member organization, it must go through either arbitration or invoke Vendetta.

Criminal Expertise

Contract killing.

Allies and Enemies

Assassin's Guild is a member organization of the Shadow Council. They are a mercenary and highly professional organization and they make a point for being impartial and dispassionate about who they work for, and what assignments they take. They are most neutral of the crime guilds.

Guild Leadership and Structure

  • Guild Master: Marius Victor Talbert (human)
  • Guild Treasurer: Rutbag Skobel (half orc)
  • Shadow Councillor: Surt Olren (thiefling)