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Bilbido Tastyflute

Basic Info

Bilbido Tastyflute
Personal Information

Full Name: Bilbido Tastyflute
Nickname: -
Known Aliases: -
Class: Bard
Background: unknown
Race: Gnome
Alignment: unaligned

Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing Features: a tasty flute

Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Birthsign: unknown
Patron Deity: none


Character Backstory

Bilbido is an accomplished bard, skilled diplomat and a suave ladies man. He is best known for his amazing flute handling skills, and his popular hit songs such as:

  • When You Send me Ravens Carrier Pigeons
  • I Can't Feel My Flute When I'm With You
  • Never Gonna Roll a One

Despite the word on the street, all of his songs are original works, and not Yoland Swagginson covers. Bilbido's performances almost always draw a small crowd, and allow the bard to live of his work. However, his tendency to spend money on gambling, booze, ladies of the night and designer flute maintenance equipment means he is always few Dragon Dice rolls away from financial ruin. Because of this, he often takes well paid adventuring gigs to supplement his income. This is how he ended up in Fynwell.

Correction: a Fynwell scribe has notified us that When You Send me Ravens was actually a Yoland Swagginson song.

Bilbido seeks to gain knowledge and skills and he hopes to one day bring back the Tastyflute family name. To continue his quest for knowledge and better improve himself he studies under the College of Lore. He also loves to tinker with gadgets, possessing the skills to make small mechanical devices such as a clockwork mouse and a music box. In time he plans to create modifications to improve his battle flute.


College of Lore, to preserve and share bardic knowledge

Family, Allies and Contacts

Arch Nemesis: Bard Extrodinaire, Yoland Swagginson.

Items and Treasure


It's bigger when its inside
Wait, how tall is he? No reason.