Lord Aiden's Mansion

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Lord Aiden's Mansion

Also known as Castle Summers.

Lord Aiden's Mansion is a large, old mansion in the middle of the forest few days of travel away from Fairhaven.

The mansion is invisible from the outside, and can only be entered by solving the Forest Tile Puzzle. Casual travelers who don't know what to look for, are likely to miss it entirely.

The area around the mansion is shrouded by magical spell which makes the sky permanently overcast, and permitting no direct sunlight. As a result all the vegetation in forest, as well as the garden surrounding the mansion is dead.

The mansion is surrounded by a magical wall about 7 feet tall that cannot be scaled. The wall has a single gate, protected by Magical Puzzle Lock. A correct password must be entered on the lock using the Paragon Alphabet characters in order to open it.

The magically shrouded forest around the mansion is home to Leafless Ents and contains an obelisk.

The Lifeless Garden is located inside of the walls. The Garden Gnome, a protective magical construct, guards the courtyard and the entrance to the mansion.

The mansion rafters are home to many bats. They appear to be able to travel through gaps and holes in the walls, and open windows, and have the full reign of the mansion.

The main foyer of the mansion features stuffed Owlbear trophies, and a huge portrait of the Drakenhoff family.

For a long time it was home of Count Drakenhoff and his vampire progeny.

Throughout history, this home has withstood two notable attacks: Lord Aiden's death during the Purge , and the siege of Drakenhoff's Estate during the crusade leading to the death of Count Drakenhoff.


The mansion's current residents include:

Notable Rooms

The upper floor of the mansion features a study with two Magical Tapestry Portals. These are finely crafted of metallic fiber and imbued with complicated magic. One of these depicts a library and leads directly to Lord Aiden's Study, requiring one of the Key Stones to enter. The other depicts a starry sky and leads to the Extraplanar Portal Hub.

There is also another room upstairs that contains a disabled Teleportation Circle.

There is a bat sanctuary to house all of Samuel's bat companions.


Lord Aiden's Mansion is very well defended to keep intruders out of places they don't belong. The following is a list of many of these defenses: