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During it's traversal across the sky, the Eoran sun passes through eight major star constellations. Sages and astrologists think that being born under a certain constellation has a deep mystical significance.

The table below shows the eight birthsigns, the months of the year they correspond to and common personality traits that are believed to be associated with each. No specific date ranges are given here to allow players to always have several choices based on the character's birth month, but assume such date ranges exist in-universe.

Constelation Birthsign Months Personality Traits
BirthsignRabit.png Rabbit Late Hallow / Early Briteborn Swift and Resourceful
BirthsignOwl.png Owl Late Briteborn / Early Crispen Wise and Aloof
BirthsignStag.png Stag Late Crispen / Early Torrent Valiant and Steadfast
BirthsignHawk.png Hawk Late Torrent / Early Everbloom Bright and Perceptive
BirthsignSerpent.png Serpent Late Everbloom / Early Cinder Patient and Precise
BirthsignFox.png Fox Late Cinder / Early Dust Sly and Cunning
BirthsignRooster.png Rooster Late Dust / Early Thorncrest Brash and Bold
BirthsignWolf.png Wolf Late Thorncrest / Early Hallow Strong and Brave

When mentioning someone's Birthsign you can say, for example, that "they were born under the sign of Wolf", or that "their Birthsign is the Serpent".

Birthsigns have no in-game effect and players should not feel they need to role play their sign. They're mostly an in-world superstition added for flavor.