Dragon Plight

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Dragons have been an important part of Eoran history. Ancient heroes of legend would slay dragons to prove their worth. Dragons have been important allies to mighty kings of the past. But that was in the ancient, half forgotten times of legends.

Today Dragons are rare, most of their population having either perished or otherwise left the civilized regions. In Arcadia, Dragons have not been sighted for centuries. Scholars know they have existed, having found bones and preserved trophies, but no one currently living (save for maybe some of the oldest Elves) have seen a living specimen.

Allegedly few dragons still survive in Drakefel, as they can sometimes bee seen soaring in the sky. They are, however reclusive, and location of their lairs is unknown. Some say they must nest somewhere in the most sparsely populated lands of Silver Kharnate, thought it was never verified.

It is not known why Dragons are so rare these days, but there are several legends that speculate what has caused the dwindling of their population. The possible theories include:

  • An ancient curse
  • A mighty dragon slayer on a rampage
  • A virulent dragon plague
  • Dragons waging secret wars on each other that lead to their own doom

Some folk stories also tie their plight to the Purge, and theorize that they have been involved in it or somehow affected by it which lead to their demise.