Dwarven Calendar

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Dwarven Calendar is a calendaring system used by traditionalist Dwarf Clans in lieu of the Common Calendar. This is the modern Dwarven Calendar. In years past, Dwarves relied upon the Ancient Dwarven Calendar instead.


Modern Dwarfs typically live in low-lands and own farms and orchards so their calendar reflects standard seasons. The name of the seasons however are call back to the ancient Dwarven culture and are named after precious metal ores:

  • Steel (Spring)
  • Gold (Summer)
  • Copper (Autumn)
  • Silver (Winter)


Dwarfs recognize 12 months, which, similarly to their seasons are named after metal ores:

Season Month # Month Name
Silver (Winter) 1 Gromil
2 Steelstone
Steel (Spring) 3 Granite
4 Slate
5 Felsite
Gold (Summer) 6 Hematite
7 Malachite
8 Galena
Copper (Fall) 9 Limestone
10 Sandstone
11 Kematite
Silver (Winter) 12 Mithril