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Flatside is the outermost and easternmost district of Fynwell. It extends beyond the outer walls to encompass the villages and hamlets on the vast plains east of the city.

Flatside is known as the breadbasket of the city, and supply the citizens that live within the walls with food and other necessities.

It is the largest district by size, composed of twenty seven Wards. Twenty four of these are so called Outer Wards which lie beyond the city walls, but still fall under the city jurisdiction. The inner wards are clustered around the East Gate and are home to the biggest food markets, and food processing industries.

Each outer ward is on average much larger than typical city ward, encompassing three to four villages and surrounding fields. Wards are often divided by large fallow meadows, rivers or ravines. The outer reaches of Flatside are guarded by a long string of Watch Towers. Most of these are visible from the city walls, and can rapidly communicate with the city using light or smoke signals.

Beyond the Watch Towers there lies the White Castle, home of the White Knights the vanguard sworn to patrol and protect the borders of the city.