Fynwell Ministries

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The Ministries are the executive branch of the Fynwell government. Each ministry consists of an appointed Minister who reports to the Mayor of Fynwell and their cabinet.

Appointment of a minister to an existing position, or creating a new ministry must be approved by the Senate.

The number of ministries have changed over time with a number new ministries added and few removed. The most notable defunct ministry that has been liquidated was Ministry of Death when the Senate passed a ban on Necromancy in 9417.

The current active ministries are as follows:

  • Ministry of Trade - oversees trade and industry and the guilds
  • Ministry of Treasury - oversees the city finances and budgetary concerns
  • Ministry of Defense - oversees city defenses, maintenance of city walls and training and recruitment of Fynwell Cityguard
  • Ministry of War - oversees the city's offensive capabilities, most notably The Fynwell Army, the Fynwell Navy and Fynwell Legions
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - regulates the fishing and agriculture that supplies the citizens with food
  • Ministry of the Interior - oversees city planning, zoning expansion and building permits
  • Ministry of Public Works - oversees pest control, maintenance of aqueducts, sanitation concerns, maintenance of street lamps, burial sites and public parks etc..
  • Ministry of Faith - regulates religious holidays, building of shrines and temples
  • Ministry of Magic - oversees magical and alchemical trade, regulates magic use, permits and exceptions
  • Ministry of Justice - appoints Arbiters, Justicars and Magisters, oversees the recruitment and training of Fulcrum agents

Most Ministers have their offices in Keepside, with the excepton of Ministry of Justice which is located in Red Mesa district and Ministry of Trade which is located in Dockside.