Fynwell Night Watch

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Fynwell Night Watch is an organized militia police force tasked with keeping the city orderly and free of crime.

The Night Watch is funded by the district it is protecting, and recruited from within its citizens. Each Ward has a Sheriff of the Night Watch, who is nominated by the District Governor. The Sheriff deputizes trusted local citizens to be the Men of the Night Watch. Some districts provide funding for uniforms, weapons an armor, and local barracks and prison. For example, the Night Watch in Lichford Hills wear identical blue tunics, chainmail armor, matching helmets, and are issued spears or halberds and swords. Poorer districts usually let the Sheriff's fend for themselves, and deputies and they use whatever weapons and armor they have available. Most of Night Watchmen of Dog Fenn, for example, are armed with clubs or axes.

Because of this the equipment and uniforms vary depending on the district: