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Havocs are a ruthless street gang known for their extreme brutality, their religious underpinnings, and the fact they blatantly operate outside of the Shadow Council, flaunting their independence.

Their bloody initiations which involve ritual scarification of their shoulders and forearms which they display with pride. When they go to battle they put red palm prints over their chests and/or faces (usually using red dye or paint but sometimes blood) to gain favor with their many handed godess.

Havocs worship The Agent of Chaos and function essentially as a death cult that revels in carnage and wanton destruction. They believe that sowing disorder, and defacing what is beautiful pleases their godess. Or at least so they claim. Some members of the gang are true zelaots, while others are there just for the wanton destruction, drunken debauchery and carnage.

At their most benign, drunken packs of Havocs simply rove neighborhoods breaking windows, painting obscenities on the walls, and roughing up anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. At their worst they gather into a frenzied, torch bearing throng that burns and smashes anything in it's path, until it's inevitably dispersed by the Night Watch, City Guard and sometimes even Iron Guard, Blue Jays or Reapers (if they happen to enter their turf).

They are generally considered bad company even among rogues. Other gangs and organizations typically despise them. Their numbers are low, but they make up for it in their ferocity.

Crime Enterprise

Mostly hooliganism, arson and property destruction.

Allies And Enemies

Havocs thrive on antagonizing strong foes. The bigger the fight, the better.


  • Leader: Jonathan Carnage (not a real name)
  • Second: Stephen Mayhem (also not a real name, they think this is cool)