Jack Valentine

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Jack Valentine

Jack Valentine is a Fynwell crime lord who leads the Black Cloaks and Tor-Ka.

​Valentine, also mockingly known as Handsome Jack or Scarface has ascended to his position through intrigue, assassination and blackmail. He has uprooted the elven Thalmar Clan who ruled Tor-Ka for centuries. The only known surviving member of the once powerful crime family is teenage Ilsa Thalmar who has allegedly fled the city, (last seen, being escorted via Flatside by one of Fynwell's White Knights).

Valentine cares little about ancient tradition, and chooses to lead Black Cloaks as he sees fit. He values personal loyalty over tradition and profit over honor. Tor-Ka disapprove his leadership and wish to be rid of him, but so far were unable to depose him.

Jack is mostly known for the nasty scars on his face (no one really knows how he got them), his shoddy clothing and unkempt appearance, and also the fact he cannot stay dead. At some point in the last 20 years he committed a blasphemous act so vile that the Twins cursed him to forever live in squalor, filth and despair. Until he repents he is is not allowed to die. When killed, his body is miraculously re-constituted in a flurry of whirling worms and maggots, and during the next sundown.

Wherever he goes, filth follows. Flies, rats and lice are his heralds. Any food he eats becomes moldy and infested with maggots. Any clothes he wears is ridden with holes by months.

The only way to break the curse is to have a High Priest of the Twins sanctify his corpse at the Grand Temple of the Twins in Red Mesa at noon on a third Burnday of the month. This is easier said than done however, as the High Priestess explicitly forbids this as it would defy the will of the Twin Gods.

He is explicitly not a target for Fulcrum because his curse is of divine origin and the Ministry of Justice does not want to defy the will of the Twins.

Despite his curse Valentine continues to age at a normal pace. No one really knows if he can die of old age, or if he will end up trapped in a frail and senile body.