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Tor-Ka Tattoos

Tor-Ka was an ancient crime organization that can trace it's roots all the way back to the founding of the city. It has been disbanded, and re-organized many times, and functioned in many different roles under a plethora of leaders. Much of it's history and lore has been lost over the ages, however it's core traditions remain the same as they were in the early days.

Today the term Tor-Ka is used to describe the inner circle of Black Cloaks who tattoo their bodies with the traditional winding razor vine pattern in black and gold ink and swear traditional oaths of allegiance, just as it was done in the olden days. Each thorn in the vine pattern represents a fallen Tor-Ka hero and part of the initiation is reciting their names and deeds from memory

Tork-Ka believe the following:

  • That the loyalty to the organization is paramount and trumps all other concerns
  • That they have divine dispensation to kill from The Bloodletter
  • That the best way to achieve their goals is through discipline and control
  • That fear and intimidation are better tools than raw violence
  • That occasional violence is necessary to maintain fear
  • That members are cogs in the machine, and thus disposable
  • That dying in service of the organization is a great honor

Tor-Ka reluctantly serve Jack Valentine who has wrestled the leadership from the elven Thalmar Clan who has lead the organization for many centuries. Most disapprove the way the new leader is running the organization, but are powerless to stop him.