Panhandler’s Guild (Fynwell)

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The Fynwell Panhandler's Guild was an official and legally run guild up until about 40 years ago, when begging and panhandling was outlawed at the city level. This was in part due to the pressure from the lords and upper classes who considered the poverty stricken beggars an eye sore, and were offended by their representative vetoing various law enforcement ordinances targeting the homeless at the the Small Council.

Up until that point the guild's main purpose was to safeguard the rights of poor and homeless citizens in the Small Council and to fund free shelters, soup kitchens and clinics.

When the guild was outlawed it moved underground and started operating as a crime guild under the Shadow Council. This transformation was possible thanks to a simple fact: homeless and beggars can be found on every street corner, in every district of the city. They see and hear everything that happens on the streets. Thus, Panhandler's Guild is the biggest information broker in the city. The ability to quickly and effectively to find dirt, or intel on anything and anyone quickly earned them place at the Shadow Council.

Today the guild's main source of income is it's information brokerage, and it funnels much of it's earnings into it's traditional programs that aid the poor and the homeless. While loosing the seat on the Small Council made it powerless to counter-act unjust laws, it illegally lobbies senators to vote against them and it works tirelessly to offset the effects of such laws should they pass.

Criminal Enterprise

Spycraft and information brokerage.

Allies and Enemies

Panhandler's Guild is a member organization of the Shadow Council. It is considered the least sinister, and most humanitarian oriented of the crime guilds and has no enemies.

Guild Leadership and Structure

  • Guild Master: Brand Brickleberry (halfling)
  • Guild Treasurer: Esmer Tran (human)
  • Master Scribe: Almer Avar (half elf)
  • Shadow Councillor: Rudbar Hargle (half orc)