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Shadefall is a district of Fynwell which lies directly West and Northwest of Red Mesa. It has been built against the more vertical and unforgiving western wall of the mesa, and while the High Road passes overhead, there is no direct public access to the Old Town from this side, other than via private lifts.

The name comes from the fact that almost entire district is permanently hidden in the shade cast by the giant mesa. Direct sunlight is only available during the evening hours and as a result the district has a large population of Drow and other non-human races that prefer low light conditions.

Because of large non-human population, and the gloomy atmosphere created by lack of direct sunlight the district has a reputation of being disreputable and unsafe. Most nobles and wealthy merchants avoid traveling through it, especially at night. The truth is that the district is fairly safe, sees a lot of trade and has a very well equipped night watch.