Silver Kharnate

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Flag of Silver Kharnate

The Silver Kharnate is a Hobgoblin nation located in the far west of the Drakefel continent.

The Kharnate territories are almost completely uncharted, and very little is known about it's inhabitants by the Eastern Kingdoms.

The east and the west of Drakefel is divided by a massive mountain chain that is notoriously difficult to pass. As such there has been little communication between the east and the west.

Eastern Kingdoms consider the nomadic Hobgoblins to be barbaric and uncultured. Their limited attempts to expand into the west, and build settlements past the mountains or on the Western shires have been thwarted by bloody raids of Kharnate armies. Thus there is a general animosity towards the hobgoblin hordes in the east.

That said, most evidence suggests that the Hobgoblin society is highly structured and orderly, and that the violence towards the settlers were simply attempts to defend what they consider to be their territory.

Historically, there have been no major wars between the east and the west, thanks in part due to massive mountain chains that separate split the continent in half. Should Drakefel be conquered, it would have to be done by sea. The Kharnate does not seem to possess a battle worthy Navy. They are however undefeated on land. Eastern kingdoms do not have enough troops to withstand the wrath of the Kharnate Hordes should they ever attempt to land on their shores in force.