Souls and Afterlife

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Beliefs about afterlife vary between religious groups in Eoran. That said, followers of the New Gods have a pretty solid shared theory what afterlife looks like.

Most believe that The Reaper collects the souls of the dead, and delivers them to one of the Divine Realms located in the Outer Planes, each of which is associated with the Primary Gods (and few minor gods) where they will spend the rest of their afterlife.

The Stillness

The Stillness is the realm of The Watcher and the default afterlife destination for most souls. It is a quiet, peaceful and serine place, that is neither hot nor cold and neither bright nor dark. None of it's inhabitants experiences neither pain or suffering, nor great joy. Instead their days are filled with everlasting peace and feeling of contentment. Faithful consider this fate adequately pleasant, if a bit boring. Those desiring more exciting, or fitting afterlife work to gain favor of other gods.