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Barkers Symbol

Barkers is a gambling ring operating mostly in Dog Fenn and Flyside that runs illegal dog fighting events as well as various unauthorized gambling establishments. They also provide bottom of the barrel loan shark services, and are famous for feeding the borrowers who don't pay in time to their dogs. Barkers are an almost entirely halfling controlled operation, and it is deeply rooted in Dog Fen culture and traditions.

It's operations used to be controlled by Thieves Guild but as they got taken over by Dog Fen halflings it became it's own entity under the umbrella of the Shadow Council. The separation was almost bloodless as no one in the Thieves Guild has the expertise or desire to run those establishments.

The leader of the Barkers is Martha Silverpenny, who runs the ring with the aid of her five large sons Tim, Tom, Ted, Trey and Penderghast.

The syndicate operates like a trade guild, taking in apprentices and training them to run gambling games, cheat at dice, rig betting. They are very strict, whereas Thieves guild allows it’s members great deal of autonomy.

Criminal Enterprise

Gambling, especially dog fights.

Allies and Enemies

Barkers are a member organization of the Shadow Council.

Leadership and Structure