Dog Fenn

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Dog Fenn

Dog Fenn is the kennel district of Fynwell and the poorest, most down-trodden part of the city.

Most of its buildings are ramshackle wooden structures. Many have holes in the walls, sections that burned down and were not repaired and etc. Most streets are not paved, sewage runs in gutters that frequently back up.

It was named after its famed kennels, but the name might as well stand for the huge population of stray dogs. Travelers say the entire place would smell like a wet dog, if it wasn't for the overpowering stink of dog feces and rotting meat. The stray dogs are tolerated, and even welcome by the locals however, because they keep the Ghouls out. There are a few upscale kennels where hunting dogs and dog mounts for aristocrats and the wealthy for are trained. Those have walls and private guards.

Dog Fenn is considered to be an extremely dangerous region, as the city guard has almost no presence there. Most wards have a single sheriff working alone, or with a handful of deputies armed with crude clubs or household items. You don’t want to go there at night because if you're lucky enough not to get robbed you might get mauled by a pack of wild dogs.

The 1st Ward is an exception because it houses the administrative offices of the District Governor (who naturally does not live in the district), as well as few expensive kennels, and the main trade dock on River Tam. The night watch is well armed, and most deputies can even afford some leather armor, and crossbows, though they're always short on bolts.

The River Tam winds through most of the wards of the district. Upstream are much more affluent districts such as Riverbed and Lichford Hills. Residents joke that the rich people's trash flows down the river, while trade goods from dockside flow up.

As it would be expected, River Rats gang has a big presence here. They run many of the trade barges, and collect "taxes" in most river docks. The Barkers run illegal dog fighting rings here, and control most gambling establishments. The can be seen overseeing most of the local Taverns. Because they are Barker owned or supervised, they typically don't need to worry about Black Cloaks asking for protection payments.

The Thieves' Guild also has a big presence here. Grunslik Tar is the guild secretary for the region and oversees all guild operations I'm the area.

Dog Fenn is the birth place of Harlan Underford.