Beatrice Avalon

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Beatrice Avalon

Beatrice (Betty) Avalon is the First Dagger (aka supreme leader) of Tor-Ban and manager of the Iron Guard mercenary company and a Shadow Councillor.

She is highly educated, deviously clever, and extremely good at coming up with scams, schemes and various ways to part unsuspecting folk from their coin. She is considered to be the most calculating, and least predictable member of The Triumvirate. She often oversteps her boundaries and has made many enemies in the Thieves Guild. For that she has been fined, and censured by the Shadow Council judgment many times. She always pays her fines, and takes special care to break the rules ever so slightly as not to endanger her position or reputation of her organization.

Unlike Vigo who was born into his station, and Jack who murdered and cheated his way into his, Beatrice has worked her way through the ranks and her tattoos show it. She is sometimes called the Fishmarket Princess (although never to her face) because of her humble origins as a daughter of a fisherman, and her rapid rise to wealth and infamy within Tor-Ban.

She prefers the “Iron Maiden” moniker given to her by the other Shadow Councillors because of her ruthless but fair leadership style and her favorite method of torturing those who cross her.