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Tor-Ban Tatoo Patterns

Tor-Ban is an ancient Fynwell crime organization that has been active in one form or another almost since the inception of the city. It's leadership and focus has changed many times, but it's core values survive to this day.

Currently the organization operates under purview of the Shadow Council. It is currently lead by Beatrice Avalon who bears the title of The First Dagger of Tor-Ban and acts as the manager of Iron Guard and who sits on the Shadow Council.

Tor-Ban members tattoo ancient pattern of their organization on the insides of their forearms. They can be exposed by rolling up their sleeves and they provide useful information such as their date of induction, the names of their sponsors, names of their charges, their rank and special honors. The tattoos are designed so that new patterns can be seamlessly added to represent advancement in rank and etc.. Unlike the winding and branching, plant like pattern of Torka, Torban pattern is angular, composed mostly of straight lines stair like patterns, or spirals connecting at right angles.

Tor-Ban members greet each other by rolling up their sleeves and lifting their hands palms up to show the tattoos. The palm position, whether the fists are clenched or open and the finger positions are significant - they represent a complex system of honorifics that must be followed. There are different palm positions for greeting someone more senior, than someone with a rank below you, your own sponsor, your charge, a friend, an acquaintance, a friend of a sponsor and etc. Not following the proper greeting may be considered offensive, or expose you as a fraud or infiltrator in disguise.

Membership is not hereditary but involves complex system of vetting and sponsorship in which existing members are forever responsible for their charges. Induction is an official ceremony during which new members swear oaths and get their tattoos.

Torban are scammers, swindlers and schemers. Traditionally their area of expertise overlapped in parts with that of the Thieves Guild and both organizations dislike each other though find ways to co-exist.

One of the public faces of the organization is the Iron Guard mercenary company which is famous for their willingness to stand up to Fynwell's crime syndicates. This is of course a clever con: Iron Guard can offer a 100% foolproof protection from Black Cloaks or Quillons because those gangs are allies of Tor-Ban and share their profits.

Torban runs various financial rackets and pyramid scams. Their crooked accountants can be hired to help merchants and nobles to avoid paying high taxes. They also employ predatory loan sharks.

Crime Enterprise

Financial scams, con artistry, charlatanry and fraud.

Allies and Enemies

Tor-Ban is a member organization of the Shadow Council. It maintains strong alliances with the Black Cloaks and Quillons for the purpose of running their Iron Guard cons.

Leadership and Structure