Blue Jays

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Blue Jays are a minor criminal gang operating within the city of Fynwell.

They are most known for being a half-breed gang. Most of their members are poor, low born half elves who feel they have no place among either race. They also have a number of half orcs, although those tend to be from more affluent families who either abandoned, shunned or mistreated them for their mixed lineage. They also attract orphans, bastards and other outcasts many of whom are humans, gnomes and halflings but who are nevertheless welcome due to their status and misfortune.

Blue Jays band together as an extended family and provide each other protection, companionship and sense of belonging. Members refer to each other as “brothers” and “sisters”. They are fiercely loyal to each other, and protective of their territories and communities.

Since most of their members are for one reason or another shunned, disowned or abandoned they often support themselves via pickpocketing, robbery, burglary and etc. They share their spoils equally, and tend to give part back to the least fortunate members of their communities.

They wear a piece of blue cloth wrapped around their left arm. They consider themselves outcasts who can only relay on each other and thus they operate outside the Shadow Council.

Crime Enterprise

Thievery, robbery and burglary.

Allies and Enemies

Blue Jays compete with the Thieve's Guild, and fiercely protect their territories from the Black Cloaks and Quillons which puts them at odds with the Shadow Council.


  • Leader: Snow Finch (half elf)
  • Second: Night Owl (half elf)