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The Quillons are a Fynwell crime organization, which is part of The Triumvirate and operates under the supervision of the Shadow Council.

​They take their name from the cross-guard of a rapier. They usually wear expensive or “fancy” clothes and prefer finesse weapons such as rapiers. They tend to be accomplished fencers, trained in dirty street fighting from early age. Much like Black Cloaks the group's members have a reputation for partying hard, and also for illegal dueling. The two groups often clash in minor conflicts. Some of these are resolved in honorable duels, while others end up in tavern brawls. ​ The Quillons serve the Verner Clan, a cut-throat merchant family with grandiose political aspirations. They are the muscle of the clan - a well trained force of street enforcers presenting themselves and fancy thrill seekers and honor obsessed duelists. They obey without question, and when convicted of crimes, take full personal responsibility absolving Verner's from any wrong doing.

They do this, because they are groomed for loyalty from early age. There is a certain honor in having one’s child be inducted into the Quillons, especially for the low born and poverty stricken. Verners will offer young recruits rudimentary education, street combat training under expert fencers and (if needed) room and board. The families get a small stipend while their children undergo training, to help with their expenses. When fully inducted into the clan, the young Quillons are expected to be rather well off, either working directly for the clan as guards or protectors, or indirectly by profiting from the spoils of the myriad of illegal activities.

The recruits who can't make it through the rigorous training, or who are judged unfit for the initiation, still get the benefit of the education and training. In fact, many poor families hope that their kids will fail the initiation and be freed from obligations to the clan. Most are not so lucky.

In exchange for this generosity during the training period, Verners expect undying loyalty once inducted.

Crime Enterprise

The Quillons don't have a specific niche or area of expertise they specialize in. They do dirty mercenary work, they run protection rackets in few districts where they managed to push out Black Cloaks, they oversee some smuggling operations (mostly foot and cart traffic).

Allies and Enemies

Quillons are member organization of the Shadow Council. While they don't hold grudges, they are known for quick temper of their leader and ruthlessly retaliate when offended.

Leadership and Structure