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The most popular Eoran calendaring system is a lunar cycle based system, similar to the Gregorian calendar used today.

It is commonly referred to as the calendar or the common calendar as opposed to other time keeping systems in use.

The calendar year has 265 days, divided into 8 months. It features a 6 day week.

See Common Holidays and Festivals for important dates.

Player handout is available here: Calendar Handout PDF


The common calendar is used in all major human nations across all three continents, as well as on Zorander Isle. It is also the default calendar used by sailors and merchants, regardless of the cultures they hail from. It is the official calendar of the kingdom of Westmarch.

This calendar system is used by most races that live in, or trade with human kingdoms. This includes High Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Orcs as well as many Ogre, Orc tribes.

Some factions follow their own time keeping traditions. Those include:

  • Some Dwarf clans use the modern Dwarven Calendar, while many years ago they used the Ancient Dwarven Calendar
  • Many Wood Elf tribes use Druidic Calendars
  • Dragonborn kingdoms use their own calendaring system

Days of the Week

The common calendar uses a 6 day week:

  • Ashday
  • Grainday
  • Chainday
  • Marketday
  • Boneday
  • Burnday

Week always begins on Ashday and ends on Burnday.

Burnday is a holy day reserved for religious observances (burning of offerings and effigies for the gods). Many establishments, and businesses close or let out early on that day to allow employees to attend temples and shrines.

Months and Seasons

The year has four seasons, each of which has two months. Each month has between 30 and 35 days. Most months have about 33 days on average.

The month names are as follows:

Season Month # Month Name
Winter 1 Briteborn
2 Crispen
Spring 3 Torrent
4 Everbloom
Summer 5 Cinder
6 Dust
Fall 7 Thorncrest
8 Hallow

The dates are written starting with the day, followed by month. For example: 25th of Crispen or 37th of Dust.

Current Year

The Protagonists begin their adventure in the year 9,748.

They arrive in Fairhaven on the 3rd of Cinder.


Dating Conventions

The calendar year 0, is the last year of the Purge.

The calendar was reset to commemorate the end of the Age of the Paragons and the beginning of the Age of Men.

Dates prior to year 0 are usually annotated with "BP" or "Before Purge". Dates after the year 0 are sometimes marked with "AP" for "After Purge" though it is mostly used in official documents or historical texts.