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List of Protagonists

Below is the list of all of the protagonists of the campaign:

Team Titles and Honors

The heroes as a team can be recognized by these names and deeds.

Kylee's Crew

Heroes of Fairhaven

Barren Cliffs Liberators

Friends of Dragons

Heroes of Howling Pass

Achievements Unlocked

The heroes unlocked the following achievements

  • Smol - over half the party are little folk
  • In the Navy - participated in a naval battle
  • Artifact Smugglers - smuggled magical artifacts
  • Giant Slayers - defeated a giant
  • Troll Collector - harvested trolls for magical reagents
  • Firestarters - caused a brewery fire
  • Mouse Guard - fought a cat as mice
  • Syndicate Crashers - instrumental in the collapse of the Fairhaven syndicate
  • Accidental Nemesis - elevated minor NPC to big bad status
  • Blood Donors - donated blood to a friendly vampire
  • Harry Potter - sent a boy wizard to magic school
  • Planewalkers - explored different planes
  • Thespians - performed a play on stage
  • Dorf Fortress - explored an ancient Dwarf Fortress
  • Indiana Jones - giant stone ball
  • Casper - befriended a ghost child
  • Horseplay - summoned a steed in a tight dungeon corridor
  • Force of Nature - collapsed a mountain
  • See You Next Fall - searched for scroll of slow fall while falling
  • Tomb Raiders - explored an ancient tomb
  • Wyrm Slayers - slain an ancient wyrm
  • Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal - betrayed by former quest giver
  • Fairytale Cliche - rescued a princess
  • Disarmed by Plot - got gear confiscated during a "cut-scene"
  • Faust - made a deal with a devil
  • Frenemies - befriended former enemy
  • Sportsball - played a sport
  • Packaged Package - regrew a troll from a dismembered penis inside a chest
  • Moist Trollmeat - defeated rapidly regenerating troll
  • Do a Barrel Roll - did a barrel roll (using a vehicle or war beast)
  • Bug Off - defeated a huge bug
  • Crowley - invisible hell hounds
  • Devo - defeated a whipper
  • Mr. Garrison - defeated a garrison commander
  • Prison Break - successfully broke out of prison
  • Sewer Surprise - accidentally teleported into raw sewage
  • Pls Nerf - encountered most broken creature in the bestiary
  • That Was Close - 8 hp away from TPK
  • Murder Hobo - murdered a hobo
  • In da Hause - chilled with the deep folk
  • Tomb of Horrors - triggered all the traps
  • Disarmed - someone lost an arm
  • Running on Fumes - no heals, no healing surges, no potions, no fucks given
  • Wedding Crashers - crashed a wedding
  • Super Mario - rescuing same princess over and over
  • White Wolf - ancient vampire plots and schemes
  • Up - obtained an airship
  • TSA - kicked NPC off an airship
  • Landed - obtained aristocratic titles and land in Westmarch