Cursed Shackle

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Cursed Shackle is a cursed item currently carried by Butt Butterscotch.

It was previously carried by the Broblin but got detached from his body upon his death.

It appears to be an ordinary, iron prisoner shackle with about a foot of chain attached to it. When picked up it closes itself on the wrist of whoever is holding it. There does not seem to be a way to remove it without aid of magic.

The Broblin seemed to be able to control the magic of the shackle to some degree, and make it sprout a short blade. The blade disappeared upon his death.

Richard Oddenheim is able to remove the shackle, but before he does so he wants to investigate its origins and any potential risks of the removal.

Mechanical Note

Wearer of the shackle takes all Stealth checks at a disadvantage.