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Dead.png Dead This character either died, has permanently perished or was destroyed.


Broblin is an experienced Goblin hunter.

He is missing one ear, and his body is covered in scars. He carries two swords and typical Goblin hunter equipment, as well as a magical Cursed Shackle which he seems to be able to control quite effectively. When going to war, he typically rides a large Worg bareback.

The Broblin likes to challenge his enemies to a single combat. He usually targets honorable warriors such as knights, paladins and clerics, and goads them to remove their armor. Appearing unarmed after laying down his weapons, he then proceeds to stab them to death with the magical blade he is able to produce out of his shackle.

He was killed in the forest a day of travel away from Fairhaven by the Protagonists.