Richard Oddenheim

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Dead.png Dead This character either died, has permanently perished or was destroyed.

Richard Oddenheim

Richard Oddenheim has died, and transformed into Lichard.

Richard Oddenheim was a human wizard and the former employer of the Protagonists. He ad summoned a Raven familiar.

Richard has dark hair, and usually wears plain but fashionable, unadorned robe and carries a plain but sturdy staff. His clothes lack ornamentation or wizardly insignia or runes, but nevertheless look expensive and clean. He eschews traditional wizard attire such as pointy hats, or belts and pouches full of spell ingredients.

The Oddenheim family owns a shipping and distribution business and has exclusive distribution rights to the famous Strong Brow Cider. Richard has been a frequent guest at the Strongbrow Clan orchards and is considered to be a close family friend. He has known Kylee O'Ren since he was a child, however the two have never been close friends.

Even though he is the heir to the Oddenheim shipping company, Richard is not interested in the merchant business. Instead of taking on a leadership role within the company he left to attend the Academy of Magics on Zorander Isle. After completing his studies he has traveled the world, adventuring and searching for fame and fortune. His innovative use of spells was helpful on his adventures. During that time he has kept contact with his family and would frequently write letters boasting about his exploits, and fabulous wonders he has seen.

In the last few years he has been rather quiet, and busy conducting some sort of private research. He has discovered some historical artifacts near Fairhaven. He does not like to discuss the exact nature of his research but the Protagonists vaguely know it may involve lost or forgotten magic and ancient artifacts whose reveal could possibly change history.

Due to the political climate in the area, he has been forced to cease the excavation of said artifacts. He has hired the Protagonists through Kylee O'Ren to help him transport and secure his research and resources. Upon encountering logistical difficulties with the operation, Richard has asked the protagonists to help him to fulfill his ultimate goal: to uncover the long lost location of the Tomb of Darius Corellius, one of the Purge era Councillors.

His present base of operations for conducting archaeological research is located a few days travel north of Fairhaven at Richard's Hut.

Richard is a wizard of a considerable power. He is able to create and maintain an extra-dimensional, portable mansion (Richard's Fancyplace) and create and modify existing spells, as evidenced by the magical scrolls he created for the Protagonists.