Cutthroat Jim

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Dead.png Dead This character either died, has permanently perished or was destroyed.

Cutthroat Jim and Two Knives Tim

Cutthroat Jim is a Fairhaven crime lord. Some also call him Bugeye Jim because of his lazy eye though never to his face. He has a reputation of being shady, unpredictable, irritable and violent individual. Men who work for him fear him more than his enemies, and that's how he maintains control over his gang.

His enforcer is "Two Knives" Tim, a young Half-Orc who is famous for fighting dirty and cutting bits of defeated enemies as trophies. He is almost as violent and unpredictable as his master, and he appears to be the only person who Jim trusts.

Jim controls the Gateside territory. He has no access to the lucrative docks and warehouse districts so his crew does a lot of dirty and shady stuff. He is the guy you go to make someone "vanish", to collect on a loan and etc. His territory is marked black on the map below:


Jim has not been seen around in a while. He is presumed to be missing by the authorities. Rumor has it that he was assassinated by his trusted henchman Two Knives Tim but no evidence to confirm this has been found. Tim currently oversees all his operations and acts as the defacto leader of the gang. He has claimed the responsibility for Jim's disappearance on several occasions, but no one dares to make a move against him.