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Flag of Fairhaven
Fairhaven City Map


Fairhaven is a vibrant, picturesque port city in the Southshore province of Westmarch. From the land side, it is surrounded by high, well garrisoned city walls with one, well defended gate. The port side is defended by a strong fleet.

The saying in this city is "all is well in Fairhaven".

Outside the city walls there is a small farmhouse, a tavern, and livestock.

Fairhaven is located 2 weeks from Fynwell by ship, and 3 days travel from Koda by ship.

Recently, the city has been sacked during the Siege of Fairhaven and lies in ruins.

Shops And Services

Here is a list of shops and services available in Fairhaven at this time:

Other Points of Interest

Other Notable Characters

For more see Category: Fairhaven Resident

Fairhaven Crime Lords


While Fairheven is fairly clean, and orderly (at least compared to Fynwell) it still sees a considerable amount of crime. The illegal activities in Fairhaven are overseen by three crime syndicates. Their zones of influence are shown in the colored diagram below.

The rich district near The Keep is heavily patrolled by the city guard, and none of the crime lords can claim it as their territory.