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Fernside District

Fernside is a district in the city of Fynwell.

Most of it has been built on top of Brine Marsh, a swampy and flooded region that has been previously considered inhospitable. The marsh has been partially drained via an impressive system of sewage pipes, but the region remains damp, gloomy and partly flooded during rainy seasons. A thick mist covers most of the district year round and the only plant life that thrives here are ferns and moss.

Whatever is unjustly said about Shadefall is actually true about Fernside. It is dark, unpleasant and dangerous with a thriving criminal underground. That said, it is also the site of the Flood Gate, a major inland waterway that brings trade traffic from the North into the city. Most trade traffic passes through the area on the way out of the city, or upriver into Riverbend and Lichford Hills wehre there are more lucrative markets.