Forger's Guild (Fynwell)

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The Forger's Guild in Fynwell is the illegal organization for craftsmen and artisans who produce forgeries. This include forged currency, fake documents, false contracts, or cheap imitations of master crafted goods, or knock-off copies of works of art.

The guild operates under the purview of the Shadow Council, and alongside the Panhandler's Guild it is considered one of the least violent and most benign member groups.

Because nearly all of it's members are craftsmen, it operates almost entirely like a legal guild. The only exception is it's extensive network of fences and black market and smuggler connections which allow for sale and transport of the forged goods.

Criminal Enterprise


Allies and Enemies

Forger's Guild is a member organization of the Shadow Council. It relies on the Thieves Guild and River Rats to sell their wares, and on The Triumvirate to provide protection. It makes a point in maintaining friendly relations with the fellow members.

Guild Leadership and Structure

  • Guild Master: Albert Handler (human)
  • Guild Treasurer: Simon Finebrickle (halfling)
  • Shadow Councillor: Eva Sarkis (human)