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Flag of Westmarch
Westmarch is a kingdom located on the eastern shores of Drakefel.

Kingdom of Westmarch was established by House Helmsworth in 9512. The house's patriarch Robert Helmsworth held the lands of Westmore (now known as Kingsland) and united all the human nations of East Drakefel. Namely the Princedom of Orle, the seven nations of Namarak Steppes (territories now known as Nam and Riverdale) and the lawless tribes of former Darkshire.

In 9586 Westmarch annexed Eastvale pushing out the Silver Kharnate forces and extending it's reach westward.

Westmarch is a feudal monarchy ruled by the Crown which owns all of the land in the Kingdom. The monarch grants fiefdoms to the Lords of Westmarch in exchange for loyalty and service. Each of the Lords is a high born aristocrat who oversees a province, and has their own feudal vassals.

Landsmet is the assembly of the Lords, their vassals, as well as landed gentry and Knights which may be called to either ratify or veto King's decree. The Landsmet also sets the rules of succession and gives the Lords an ability to petition the king, or seek grievances against the kind for unfair treatment.

National Symbols

The flag of Westmarch is a dark blue banner with light blue cross and golden crown. The blue hues represent the kingdom's ties to the sea and the fact that the Helmsworth ancestors came from the east by sea. The cross motif symbolizes the hilt and cross guard of Calibri - the legendary Vorpal Blade of King Robert who united the kingdom. The crown symbolizes the feudal principles on which the nation was built.

The cross motif is very common in Westmarch heraldry and symbols. National animals are considered to be a Stag and a Marlin.


Map of Westmarch

The Kingdom of Westmarch is divided into provinces. Each province is a fiefdom of a Lord. Lordship is a hereditary title typically granted to Westmatch Barons, Counts or Dukes who belong to one of the Great Houses of Westmarch.

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Major Cities

Westmarch cities are their own feudal domains separate from the provinces. Each major city (except for Highport) is ruled by a Governor which is a non-hereditary title granted by the Crown and equal in status to that of a Lord.