Legend of the Lost King

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The Legend of the Lost king is a popular folk tale told across the world. It revolves around a sudden and unexplained disappearance of a popular monarch. Usually it relates to the disappearance of King William Helmsworth of Westmarch but it is sometimes told about a "King from Faraway Land" in places where Westmarch is relatively unknown or unpopular.

The story always involves a fantastic, and unbelievable reason for the King's disappearance such as:

  • Being eaten by a dragon
  • Riding off on a dragon into the unknown
  • Being enslaved by a Beholder
  • Being murdered by his own son in a bid for the throne
  • Eloping with a commoner mistress
  • Living as a commoner to better understand his subjects
  • Being lost during some heroic expedition to the Underdark

The actual story varies depending on who tells the story. The most popular versions of the story are:

  • King's Quest: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow an epic ballad by Drake in which King William travels the world in disguise helping people in need
  • Dragonheart a ballad by Yoland Swaginson which follows the plot of that movie where Sean Connery is the dragon

As it turned out the fate of King of Westmarch was even stranger than any of the songs and legends written about him.