William Helmsworth

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William Helmsworth, also known as King William is the current ruling monarch of the Kingdom of Westmarch.

He is the son of Richard Helmsworth and the triumphant victor of William's War.

He has been missing for years, and the kingdom is being ruled by Prince Regent Liam in his stead.

The circumstances of his disappearance are not known. The Royal family has been less than forthcoming with the details, and common folk don't really know what happened to the king. There are dozens of wild theories and stories told in the taverns around the kingdom. Some of them are especially colorful, considering that William was a questing knight in his youth, and never got out of the habit of adventuring and fighting evil after he was crowned. He would often launch expeditions, to combat monsters, or orc and goblin war bands that terrorized the country side.

Many of these became folk tales, and traveled across the world as the Legend of the Lost King.

As it turns out, the king was actually besquided, and turned into a Mindflyer known as Squidface.