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Formerly known as Richard Oddenheim, Lichard is a powerful undead spell caster that may or may not be a Lich.

He has came into existence on the 28th of Cinder 9748, in the Tomb of Darius Correlius, where he was turned into an undead monstrosity by the Councillor Darius Correlius who has risen from the dead. As it turns out Oddenheim was collaborating with Squidface, with the explicit goal of awakening the ancient Councillor.

Embeded in his forehead is a powerful magical artifact, which may or may not be one of the fabled 7 Stones of Power created by the Paragons. It allows Lichard to shoot powerful energy beams out of his face. It also glows with evil light.

Lichard was instrumental combatant during the Siege of Fairhaven where helped the undead legions to overtake the city. He single handed defeated the 27th Company of Zoreander Battle Mages and also possibly killed Marius Verman in a magical duel (though Verman's fate is still unclear).