Magical Sickle

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Magical Sickle is an enchanted Druidic weapon found in the Lifeless Garden and currently in the possession of Zoryy Feathermoon.

The sickle is a small, single handed weapon with an ornate handle. It's blade is engraved with Elven runes and symbols.

It was identified by Gustavo Lutz as a "humane" tool for collecting plant samples used by a certain group of druids. It is decided to heal any wounds it causes.

Bilbido Tastyflute commented how the tool designed for good is also unintentionally evil as it could be used as an extremely effective torture device if it were to fall into the wrong hands.

Recently it has been revealed the Sickle glows in the presence of magical artifacts, and can identify poison.

Magical Sickle

The Magical Sickle is a magic weapon with a bound spell.

The spell is automatically cast when a living thing is struck with the sickle, and it heals all points of damage that were inflicted by that blow.

Poison Detection: The blade glows red in the presence of poison.

Magical Item Detection: The blade glows blue in the presence of magical item, and red in the presence of a cursed item.


The Magical Sickle has been reforged into Glaive of Silvanus.