Mr Clatterby

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Mr. Clatterby

Mr. Clatterby is a magical Armor Golem created by Count Drakenhoff using blood magic. It's main function is to protect Drakenhoff and his progeny.

Currently, the only surviving heir of Drakenhoff blood is Samuel Summers and so Clatterby remains loyal to him.

Clatterby is a 7 feet tall suit of plate armor that is capable of moving under its own power. It appears to have human level of intelligence and is capable of improvisation and making decisions on his own. Clatterby will interpret the situation and choose to act without being commanded, his primary objective always being protection of Drakenhoff progeny.

Clatterby will take orders from anyone with Drakenhoff blood, with priority being given to the orders given by the eldest member of the family in attendance. If the life of a Drakenhoff progeny is in danger, Clatterby seems capable of violating a direct order to stand down.

Clatterby seems to be able to reconfigure his armor at will, in order to envelop a person inside.

It does not seem to be able to speak, but he may have a way of communicating with those of Drakenhoff blood.