Samuel Summers

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Samuel Summers

Samuel Summers is a 300 year old vampire who lives in Lord Aiden's Mansion along with his bat familiar Bruce and his Armor Golem Mr Clatterby.

In his true form, Samuel looks like a frail, scrawny teenage boy. When dealing with strangers, he typically uses illusion magic to make himself appear like Count Drakenhoff in order to seem important, powerful and intimidating.

Samuel was turned into a vampire by his mother Miriam Summers. When Drakenhoff fell during the crusade, and the Holy Army of Tempus took the mansion, she gave him the gift, and stuffed him into one of the full wine caskets in the cellar, before she was captured and executed by the paladins. She knew that as a vampire Samuel will be able to survive hidden inside the casket long enough for the invading army to leave. It took over 2 weeks before Mr Clatterby fished him out.

Because Lord Aiden's Mansion is self reparing and heavily warded against magical and non-magical fires, the damage done by the siege, upon awakening he realized he has inherited all of it. Because of his vampiric condition Samuel has Count Drakenhoff's blood flowing through his veins. Because of this, all magical protective wards and security spells recognize him as the rightful owner of the mansion. This includes Mr Clatterby, an Armor Golem created by blood magic, and sworn to protect Drakenhoff progeny.

Despite being a vampire Samuel is a good natured person. He is also incredibly polite. He does not seem to enjoy biting people, and instead prefers to extract blood from willing donors using a needle and glass vials. He uses alchemy to preserve and increase the potency of donated blood in order to feed less often. He usually befriends single trusted donors at a time, and enters a mutually beneficial pact where he offers magical aid, knowledge and protection in exchange for regular donations.

Samuel still sleeps in his old bed in the servant's quarter of the house.

Samuel has battled depression in the past. He believes one reason he still exists is for a higher purpose, to protect valuable items within the mansion and make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands.

He is cognizant of the true nature of the mansion, and over his long life he has been studying the Paragon artifacts that were not destroyed or warped by Drakenhoff's Magic. He is aware of the existence and function of the Magical Tapestry Portals and has been actively exploring the Extraplanar Portal Hub. He has been unable to access Lord Aiden's Study because he did not have any Key Stones.

His last donor was Senjack a citizen of Fairhaven. Before the arrival of the Protagonists, Senjack has missed few of their agreed upon appointments.

Samuel wishes to keep his existence and the location of the mansion a secret, most likely for his own safety. He is responsible for activating the runes on the obelisk around 100 years ago so no one would visit the mansion.

His current residence, Lord Aiden's Mansion, has many defenses built in which also serve as Samuel's personal defenses. Although many locks and puzzles contain the paragon alphabet, Samuel himself is not fluent in these runes.