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Namfoodle Fizzleband

Namfoodle Fizzleband is an infamous Gnome inventor and assassin for hire. He was born in Pelagrino and briefly served as the local Guildmaster of the Inventors Guild until he was forced to step down due to his violent outbursts and rumors of blackmail and sabotage surrounding his ascent to power.

He later found his calling as a mercenary. He fought in several wars, including a long stint in Nam where he honed his sniper and assassination skills. After the Nam campaign he abandoned his military career and became a full time hit man. He used to work freelance until he was found and recruited by The Crows.

He invented and built the X2 Tap, N.I.M.B.U.S., W.H.Y.N.O.T. and many other ingenious weapons and traps.

During his career as a contract killer he took on some of the most dangerous and difficult assignments.

Some of the hits attributed to him include:

  • Crown Princess Matilda Lionheart of Argyle
  • All ellegible heirs of House Tannenbaum of Fynwell
  • Prince Cedric, Old King Angmar's first adopted son
  • Teklis Fairspear the Dragon Tamer
  • Khan Gorbag Snaga of Silver Kharnate
  • Ogre Warlord Baragash
  • Almar Idris, High Priest of Tempus
  • Lord Bertram of Umberland along with all the guests at his wedding
  • Entire crew of the Black Albatross whilst the ship was at sea
  • Archmage Tadwick Thistle while he was giving a speech in front of over 300 wizards at Zorander Academy of Magics

Rumors have surfaced that he died during a botched assignment in Fairhaven, however sources within The Crows he is still active and available for hire.