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Takklinn Thunderbottom

Basic Info

Takklinn Thunderbottom
Personal Information

Full Name: Takklinn Thunderbottom
Nickname: -
Known Aliases: -
Class: Paladin
Background: unknown
Race: Hill Dwarf
Alignment: unaligned

Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Distinguishing Features: none

Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Birthsign: unknown
Patron Deity: none


Character Backstory

Takklinn was contacted in Fynwell by Helga Underford with a job offer that would absolve his debt to her -- she wanted her son Badger either escorted home safely, or for the threats against them to be dealt with.


Takklin is a member of the Trade Union.

Family, Allies and Contacts

Items and Treasure

  • Takklinn wears a small hammer as a necklace. This is the first item he forged on his own and a token to his God, Reorx, God of the Forge.


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